How to Control Volume on Your Amazon Fire Stick

Trying to manage remotes in 2021 feels like trying to manage your bills, nearly impossible without some outside help. Thankfully, if you’re using a Fire Stick to stream your favorite shows and movies,  you can take it on yourself to reduce the amount of remote controls and gaming controllers that are probably flooding your living room.

How to Control Volume on Your Amazon Fire Stick

Depending on which Fire Stick model you own, you may have a remote that already has the capability to control your volume. If you don’t, that’s okay too—in this guide, we’re going to look at all the options you have to control how your Fire Stick works to change the volume.

Volume-Equipped Remote

Beginning with the Fire Stick 4K, Amazon began to equip the Fire remote with a volume rocker, a mute button, and a power switch for your TV. If you’ve purchased a Fire Stick within the last couple of years, you probably already have this remote—though you may not have a television equipped to handle the input. If you’re trying to get your remote to work and it doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, make sure your TV supports HDMI-CEC, and that your Fire Stick is plugged into a CEC-compatible port.

For anyone else who doesn’t have a volume-equipped remote, here’s the good news: you can actually buy the newest remote from Amazon without having to buy an all-new device. For just $29, Amazon sells the updated remote individually, and it works with all Fire Sticks and most other Fire devices. It doesn’t work with early Fire TV boxes, however, or with TVs with Fire OS built-in. For the former, you’re better off buying a new Fire Stick anyway, since they’re only an extra $10 for the 1080p model.

Pairing the Firestick Remote for Volume Control

Pairing a new remote with your Fire Stick is super easy, and it also can help you if you have an unresponsive remote. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go into Settings.

  2. Scroll over and select Equipment Control.

  3. Select TV, a loading screen will appear. Firestick Manage Equipment menu

  4. A new screen will open. You will be asked, “What brand of TV do you have?”

  5. Select the appropriate brand.

  6. Press the Power button on your remote. This will turn the TV off.

  7. Wait for 10 seconds and then press the Power button again. This will turn the TV back on.

  8. You will be asked, “Did your TV turn off and then back on when you pressed the Power button?” Select Yes, if it worked. Note, you may need to try and pair the remote several times for it to work.

  9. Try turning up the volume. The device will play some music so you can check.

  10. If the volume changed then click Yes. If not, click No and try the setup again. Firestick Remote Setup menu

  11. Follow the prompts to end the setup, you’ll be asked about you input TV settings after setting the remote. Firestick Remote Setup menu 2

Several people have reported having to run through the remote setup at least three times for it to work, so be patient and attempt the process a few times. Not to bore you with some of the details of how it works, but the remote is essentially scanning and setting itself to match the frequency that the TV receives signals on.

Owners of Fire Stick devices that have the 2nd-gen Alexa remotes can also control the volume via voice commands. Press the Microphone button on your remote and tell Alexa to increase or decrease the volume.

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No Fire Stick Remote

If your 2nd-gen Alexa remote got lost, broken, or is out of reach, you can still adjust the volume with your TV’s remote. Grab it and use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to set the volume level to the desired level.

Using Alexa

Don’t forget: if you don’t have a Fire remote that supports volume control, you can still use Echo devices to ask Alexa to turn your volume up or down. It won’t work on every television, but if your device supports CEC, you should be able to control your volume without any remote at all.

Volume Set for Bingeing

Now your volume is set, and you got your favorite streaming apps. The only thing left to do is to sit back and get to binging.

How do you control the volume on your Fire Stick? Do you use the remote or do you let Alexa take care of it for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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