How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

Capes are commonly used as a symbol of superiority in comics, movies, and multiplication. This piece of apparel is admired by superheroes and magicians alike (though supervillains, Dracula, and other unpleasant creatures may wear it, too). Minecraft allows players to wear various capes. Whether your goal is to cosplay Zorro or obtain a rare item, we’re here to explain how to do it.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

Minecraft players can obtain capes both for money and free. In this section, we’ll share three different methods of acquiring one.

Migrate Your Account

Recently, Minecraft developers issued a notice for Java Edition players. All Mojang accounts have to be migrated to Microsoft accounts. This requirement is related to safety reasons and is mandatory, though the exact date of the migration period end is yet unknown. If a player fails to move the account, they won’t be able to play the Java Edition anymore. Thankfully, this process doesn’t change anything about the game. Furthermore, every player gets a free cape for their efforts. Here’s how to move your Mojang account to Microsoft:

  1. Run Minecraft Launcher or log in to with your Mojang account.

  2. You should see an invitation to migrate. Click it.

  3. Create a new Microsoft account or sign in with an existing one.

  4. Create an account. There’s no need to own an Xbox to do this.

  5. Confirm the migration of your Mojang account.

  6. When you relaunch the game, a new cape should appear in your inventory.

Buy Minecraft Skins

The account migration requirement only relates to Minecraft Java Edition. Thus, you can’t obtain a free cape if you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition. However, you can purchase or download a free skin with a cape. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Visit Minecraft Marketplace or any other site you prefer and browse for the skin you like. Download it to your device.

  2. Log in to and click “Preferences,” located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

  3. You should now see your current Minecraft skin. Click “Choose File,” located to the right from it.

  4. Select your .png skin file and upload it.

  5. Your new skin’s name should appear to the right from the “Choose File” button. Click the “Upload” button next to it.

  6. The website will refresh, and your character will appear dressed in the new skin. When you launch the game, the character will wear a cape (or any other skin you uploaded.)

Use Mods

Although players can get a free cape in Minecraft Java Edition, this game version is quite limited when it comes to skin selection. You can get various capes using mods, but other players will only see them if they have the same mod. If you want to obtain a cape for personal reasons rather than to show off, though, it’s worth a shot. Here are some of the best mods allowing you to wear a cape in Minecraft Java:

  1. Advanced Cape Mod. Minecraft Forge is required for installation. To set a cape, press the “C” key and enter the URL of your desired cape. Any URL will work as long as it ends with “.png.” You can also add custom capes.

  2. Optifine Mod. The main objective of this mod is game optimization and FPS boost. Players can also add a cape to their skin. Other players won’t see it, but this option is great for streaming.

Java vs. Bedrock Editions

Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions differ significantly. When it comes to capes, each one has its pros and cons. While more caped skins are available online for the Bedrock Edition, Java allows more cape customization options. More mods are available for Java, and they are generally easier to install. Plus, as mentioned in previous sections, Java Edition players can now receive a free cape for migrating their Mojang account to Microsoft account. The physics are different, too. Surprisingly, an older Java Edition released in 2011 offers more realistic cape physics. The cape can move freely in all directions, while in Bedrock, it can only move up and down. In other words, if a cape is truly important for you, Minecraft Java Edition is a better option.


Can I craft a cape in Minecraft?

Yes. Numerous sites online allow players to create a custom cape and download it for free. One of these sites is With the cape editor tool, you can make a cape with any design in a couple of minutes. Follow the instruction below:

1. Click the large red rectangle to choose a color.

2. Left-click anywhere on the cape template to color that area. You can also hold the left click while moving your mouse to color the required area quicker.

3. Right-click to erase the required area.

4. Mix colors and draw patterns as you wish. Once done, click “Download.”

5. Upload your custom cape to to apply the skin.

Some mods, such as Optifine for Minecraft Java Edition, also have a cape editor.

Is there a method I can use to get a free cape?

While you can purchase a pre-made caped skin, all methods of obtaining a cape in Minecraft described in previous sections are free. Java Edition players can get a free cape for migrating their Mojang account. Both Java and Bedrock Edition players can create custom cape designs and upload them to, cost-free. Most mods also don’t require players to pay anything to use them. In other words, a cape in Minecraft isn’t some kind of lavish piece available only for nobles.

Dress to Impress

As you can see, obtaining a cape in Minecraft is fairly simple. The best thing is, just like with building, you can use your imagination to its full extent when creating your outfit. Get a free cape for migrating your Mojang account, or make a one-of-a-kind design on your own and shine on. Hopefully, the upcoming game updates will improve the cape graphics in Bedrock Edition for an even better user experience.

What’s your favorite Minecraft skin marketplace? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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