How To Hide Career in Valorant

Sometimes you just want your gaming performance kept private, but in multi-player games like Valorant, that’s a big ask. The game thrives on a sense of community and transparency, and one of the key aspects is being able to see how others are performing.

How To Hide Career in Valorant

Not all players want this, though.

There may be times when you want to hide past matches, but unfortunately, Riot Games hasn’t implemented this feature – yet.

Your Valorant career is broken down into two categories: match history and rank. You can access either at any time from the main dashboard by selecting the “Career” tab. However, if you want to keep your career private, you may run into a few snags. The good news is that only friends can see your match history. The bad news is that your friends see your match history, and that can be brutal at times.

While Valorant’s current feature settings can’t protect you from the ribbing you may get from buddies for a poor match, it can help hide other personal facets.

Hide Username

Anonymity is difficult to come by in online multi-player games like Valorant. However, if you’d like a little bit of privacy, Riot Games has you covered. Follow the steps below to hide your username in matches:

  1. Launch the game.

  2. Go to “Settings” and check out the tab for “General” settings.

  3. Scroll down to the “Privacy” section and select ON/OFF these options:
    “Hide My Name from Players Outside My Party”
    “Use Generic Names for Players Outside My Party”

  4. Press “Close Settings” when you’re satisfied with your changes.

Both options use Agent names instead of usernames, but one works for everyone within your party while the other applies generic Agent names to the opposing party as well.

These two features are also referred to as “Streamer Mode” because it helps streamers avoid stream snipers, trolls, and other inappropriate behaviors.

Hide Rank

Valorant competitive rankings are a source of pride for some players, but other players would rather keep their placing private. If you fall into the latter category, check out these simple steps to hide your rank from curious eyes:

  1. Launch Valorant and sign in (if prompted).

  2. Go to the “Career” tab.

  3. Select “Act Rank” on the “Career” page.

  4. Make sure the box that says, “Show previous Act Rank on my Player Card” is un-ticked.

This option only works during Competitive matches, but your teammates can still see everyone’s ranks on the final leaderboard.

Hide Match History for Custom Matches

You can’t change or hide your match history for competitive matches, but Riot Games allows players to hide results from custom matches in their match history. Check out the steps below to get started:

  1. Launch Valorant and sign in.

  2. Go to the “Play” tab in the main dashboard.

  3. Select “Custom Game” and then “Options.”

  4. Press the “ON” button to hide match history.

Keep in mind that this only hides custom matches from view. All other matches are still viewable by friends or anyone who has your Riot ID and Tag in Match History.

Can I Hide My Full Career in Valorant?

No, you can’t hide your career in Valorant. The community thrives on transparency amongst its players and tries to limit anonymity as much as possible.

However, if you’re concerned about being stalked by other players or someone (unfairly) analyzing your match results, there are a few things you can do:

  • Hide your username – Go to the main settings menu and tick the appropriate boxes in the privacy section.

  • Hide your rank – Go to the “Career” tab and then the “Act Rank” tab. Make sure that the box that agrees to display your rank is not checked.

  • Hide your custom match history – Go to the “Options” section under “Custom Game” and enable this feature.

How Do I Hide Career in Valorant?

You can’t hide your Career in Valorant. The Career page provides important statistical information that can help you (and other players) improve game performance. You can make it more difficult for others to see your Career information by hiding certain aspects of your account like your username and Act Rank. It doesn’t keep your friends from viewing your past match performances, but it does help keep casual onlookers from analyzing your strategies.

Alternatively, you can keep custom matches out of your “match history” if you feel that they unfairly represent your overall performance. Enable this option in the “Options” section of the custom game menu.

Privacy in Valorant

You may not be able to hide your Career from prying eyes, but Riot Games does its best to offer basic features to protect your privacy. At the very least, you can use generic names to hide your identity while competing in matches or hide your Act Rank to prevent unfair expectations about your performance.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about your match history, unless you plan on playing custom games all the time. This type of transparency is expected for competitive online multiplayer games, though, so consider it a trade-off. Others may see your match history, but you can see theirs as well.

What type of privacy options are you hoping Riot Games adopts in the future? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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