How to Remove Titles from ‘Continue Watching’ on Disney Plus

Comparatively speaking, Disney Plus is a newer streaming service which means there are common features that aren’t quite available just yet. One of these features is the Continue Watching list. While the list appears, users have yet to have full control over what appears.

Unfortunately, unlike Netflix and other services, there is no option to remove content from the Continue Watching carousel. But there are some workarounds we’ve uncovered. Keep reading to learn more about managing your Continue Watching content.

Removing Titles from Continue Watching

Having the ability to go directly to your favorite shows or movies after you’ve taken a break from them is great. But, there are times when you want to de-clutter this section. Perhaps you’ve finished a movie but didn’t watch the credits at the end completely. This title will remain until you finish watching it.

Disney Plus

Fast Forward

It might seem like an incredibly impractical solution, but options are scarce. So, you were watching a TV show, and you got bored after the first two episodes. But Disney Plus doesn’t get that, and it wants you to finish the show. So, the show lingers in the “Continue Watching” section. The only true way to get rid of the show is to finish watching it in its entirety. But that just isn’t practical.

A quicker method to getting rid of a show is to go all the way to the last episode of the previous season and fast forward to the end of credits. Let the last few minutes play out. When the show stops, refresh your Disney Plus home screen, and it should be gone.

The show is removed from the “Continue Watching” section when you finish it. And unlike Netflix, Disney Plus doesn’t show you that little badge notifying you that a new episode is available. So, it’s not going to re-appear in the “Continue Watching section.”

How to Get Rid of Continue Watching

You can do the same thing with the movies. If you stopped a movie and you’re sure you won’t finish it, just fast forward, and you won’t have to see it again. It’s a less than elegant approach, but it’s worth a shot.

Finish Your Shows in the Background

Assuming the fast-forward method isn’t working, there is one more thing you can do to finish all of the content in your Continue Watching section.

If you’re using a computer to stream Disney Plus, you can use the picture-in-picture function to finish all your Disney Plus continue watching content. This method is a little easier because you can multitask; Disney Plus can play on your computer while taking care of more important business. You can even mute Disney Plus, so you won’t hear the content playing.

Use Multiple Profiles

Here is another approach to consider. Disney Plus allows seven profiles per account. If there is at least one profile to spare in your account, you can use it as a test profile. That’s a preemptive measure, but it could work.

When you want to try a new show, start watching it on one profile, and if you love it, continue watching it from the one you usually use. If you don’t like it, it remains in the “Continue Watching” section of the other profile.

This method does mean a little bit of juggling, but it also means a better organized primary profile. And fewer recommendations for TV shows and movies you don’t want to see.

Disney Plus Get Rid of Continue Watching

What About the Disney+ Watchlist?

The Disney Plus Watchlist is another section where you might find some titles you want to remove. But these are the titles you’ve intentionally put on the list. It happens, you think you’re going to watch something, but then read the reviews and decide not to.

The good news is that managing your Disney Plus Watchlist is a piece of cake. And here is how you remove the unwanted title:

  1. Log into your Disney Plus account and open your profile.

  2. On top of the screen, select Watchlist if you’re using the desktop version. If you’re using the app, select your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen.

  3. When you reach the Watchlist, click or tap on the title you want to remove.

  4. Select the checkmark that is next to the “Play” button.

You should see the “+” sign instead of the checkmark now. That means the title you’ve selected is no longer on the Watchlist.

Disney Plus Get Rid of Continue Watching

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more answers to your most frequently asked questions about Disney Plus.

Will Disney+ ever add a better solution?

Disney+ has not mentioned anything regarding adding an easier way to remove content on your ‘Continue Watching’ list. But, you can support feedback. As mentioned previously, the ‘Continue Watching’ list wasn’t even a part of the original Disney+ interface.

The more users who request the feature may prompt Disney to include the feature. All you need to do is go to this website and click on the ‘I have a product or content suggestion.’ Then click the ‘Give Feedback’ hyperlink and fill out the form.

Can I remove recently watched content on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, Disney Plus doesn’t make this easy either. But, we do have an article here that discusses a few workarounds.

As Disney Plus ages, these features are likely to appear. So, for now, make sure that the Disney+ app is updated and keep an eye out for the ability to remove items from your recently watched list.

Finding the Best Movies and TV Shows

When you’re first exploring a streaming service like Disney Plus, it can be exciting. You’re going through all the great content and clicking all kinds of stuff. But after a while, you settle on a few things.

Until Disney Plus finds a simple solution for getting rid of the “Continue Watching” feature, people can use one of the methods above as both accomplish the goal.

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