Why Is Amber Bad in Genshin Impact?

Amber is the first party member you’ll meet as The Traveler, newly arrived in Genshin Impact’s Teyvat. This fiery Outrider member of the Knights of Favonious is always ready to lend a helping hand to a lost Traveler or Monstadt citizen alike.

Why Is Amber Bad in Genshin Impact?

Why, then, do players dislike her so much?

Amber is not a bad character, but there are some limitations that you need to understand so that you can spec and use her correctly.

Read on to find out all about this Pyro archer including why she’s so controversial, and how to start using her effectively in your party.

Sooooo…..Why Is Amber Bad?

Amber may play an integral part in the game’s Prologue, but players can’t wait until they can replace her with another Pyro character. Is Amber as bad as players are making her out?

Not exactly.

Most players have a problem with her lackluster Elemental talents. If you’ve ever used Baron Bunny for an explosion or Fiery Rain, you understand the frustration.

Baron Bunny could be a great way to deal damage in combat, but the Explosive puppet takes so long to detonate. It’s hard to guestimate when it’ll explode and when it finally does, the damage is only “okay.” It’s an acceptable weapon for lower-tier players who are just starting, but it’s hard to justify using it as you advance levels and AR.

Fiery Rain is Amber’s Elemental Burst talent wherein she releases a fiery shower of arrows that deal Pyro damage to everything they touch. In theory, this talent should work great with crowd control, but the execution needs quite a bit of work.

The problem with Fiery Rain is its duration. It lasts for a measly couple of seconds, too short to deal any amount of real damage and much fewer than needed to control crowds.

Genshin Impact’s developers could buff both talents by making Fiery Rain last longer and shorten Baron Bunny’s detonation time, but they haven’t. Consequently, players opt to find other Pyro characters who can deal massive amounts of damage within a reliable timeframe.


Amber is a Pyro or fire character available in Genshin Impact. She’s the first playable character you encounter when you start the game and joins your party soon afterward. This four-star character isn’t the most popular in the Genshin Impact community, but she is free and is a good option for situations when you need fire or long-range attacks.

Other playable four-star Pyro characters in the game include:

  • Bennett

  • Xinyan

  • Xiangling

  • Yanfei

As of update 1.06, Amber is the only playable Pyro character that uses a bow.


As stated, Amber’s chosen weapon is the bow. Like other archer characters, she’s a great option if you need long-range attacks. If you can see it, you can hit it with a Fully Charged attack. However, like other bow-wielders, they’re not as effective if you want to break stone objects. The exceptions are ore nodes with elemental effects. Attacks like Amber’s Pyro shots can shatter Electrical rocks in one Fully Charged shot.

So far, Amber is the only playable Pyro character who can use a bow. However, that’s set to change soon with the eventual release of Yoimiya, another Pyro archer.


Amber’s birthday is on August 10, but birthdays don’t have any bearing on combat prowess in the game. Character birthdays simply mean that you’ll receive mail from the birthday boy/girl containing their Special Dish and a gift according to their talents or level.


Amber’s constellation is Lepus. Constellation levels can advance up to six levels with a resource called Stella Fortunas. Check out the talent buffs you can earn at each level for Amber:

  • Level 1 “One Arrow to Rule Them All” – Aimed Shot fires two arrows with the second one dealing 20% more damage than the first.

  • Level 2 “Bunny Triggered” – Manually detonate Baron Bunny by hitting its foot with a Fully Charged Aimed Shot. Deals 200% more damage with manual detonation.

  • Level 3 “It Burns!” – Fiery Rain Elemental Burst level increases by three with max upgrade up to 15.

  • Level 4 “It’s Not Just Any Doll…” – Explosive Puppet’s CD or cooldown decreased by 20% and adds one extra charge.

  • Level 5 “It’s Baron Bunny!” – Baron Bunny’s explosive level is increased by three with a max upgrade up to 15.

  • Level 6 “Wildfire” – Using Fiery Rain increases party members’ ATK and Movement SPD by 15% for 10 seconds.

Using a Stella Fortuna is the only way to increase constellation levels, and unfortunately, they’re not easy to obtain. If you want to try to increase Amber’s stopping power, you can get a Stella Fortuna by:

  • Receiving a duplicate character via Wish.

  • Buying the character via Paimon’s Bargains.

  • Participating in certain events.


Amber is an outgoing and friendly member of the Knights of Favonius. She’s very proud of her affiliation with the Knights and will often refer to them in conversation. Amber’s also a champion glider and is your teacher for the gliding tutorial in the game.

Don’t let her do-gooder ways fool you, though.

She’s had her gliding license revoked a few times for flouting the flying rules in Monstadt. Not that that’s stopped her, though. Amber’s a master glider and has won the Gliding Championship three times.

Additional FAQs

Who are the most disliked characters in Genshin Impact?

Any list of “disliked characters” in any game can change depending on the player, player style, and new character releases. However, here are some of the more “popular” Genshin Impact characters that the community loves to hate:

1. Kaeya (Cryo, sword) – For his subterfuge when roping you into a job.

2. Bennett (Pyro, sword) – Less about his combat talents and more about his personality.

3. Amber (Pyro, bow) – For her underpowered Elemental Skills after the tutorial phase.

4. The Traveler (Anemo/Geo, sword) – Too generic in comparison to other characters.

5. Paimon (n/a) – Not technically a playable character, many players find her obnoxious.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use characters that clash with your combat or personality preferences. If you have a character in your party that you can’t stand, don’t hesitate to switch them out or pull for a replacement.

Spreading the Love, One Exploding Bunny at a Time

Let’s face it, Amber is not on the top of anyone’s “favorites” list for Genshin Impact. She does have her uses, though. Rather than focusing on her weaknesses, try to focus on her strengths. Some puzzles and situations call for a long-ranged Pyro attack, so keep her on-hand for those specific scenarios – at least until you can get your hands on another Pyro archer.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Amber? Do you use her regularly in your party? Let us know in the comments section below.

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