How to Download Videos from Reddit

Article updated Aug. 9, 2021, by Steve Larner, to reflect an updated list of websites and processes to download Reddit videos.

There’s a reason Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the US and the 13th in the world. It’s a constant source of the latest news, funny videos, and all sorts of fascinating information. One of the things that people can share is media, from hilarious gifs to homemade videos, but Reddit doesn’t make it easy to download them.

Fortunately, there are a few websites that make it possible to download Reddit videos. Not all websites download the media with the audio track since Reddit stores audio and video separately, but some can. This article shows some of the best options available and how to get them to work.

How to Copy a Reddit Video Link to Download It

To use any of the websites on this list, you’ll need to get a link to the video:

Obtain Reddit Video Link via URL

  1. Go to the Reddit thread with video you want to download.

  2. Highlight all the text in the address bar of your browser.

  3. Press “Ctrl + C” or right-click and then select “Copy.”

Obtain Reddit Video Link via Directly

  1. Go to the Reddit thread with video you want to download.

  2. Click on “Share” below the video.

  3. Click on “Copy Link.”

Websites for Downloading Reddit Videos is an excellent downloader site with some extra options. You can download the video with or without audio or choose to download the audio without the video.

  1. Go to the website.

  2. Paste the Reddit video’s URL or link into the white text box, then click on “SUBMIT.”

  3. Click on “DOWNLOAD HD VIDEO” to capture audio and video together, or choose from audio only or video only.

  4. Optional: Download a thumbnail for your video by clicking on “Thumbnail JPG file.”

RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader

RVDL is another excellent website to download video and audio from Reddit posts. Your options include downloading A/V in various resolutions, grabbing the audio, and even downloading the video without sound.

The video resolutions include SD, HD, FHD, 4K, and 8K depending on the quality of the originally uploaded video. The bizarre thing with RVDL is the resolutions are labeled as 426 px, 640 px, 854 px, 1280 px, etc. Here’s how to download Reddit videos using RVDL.

  1. Copy the Reddit video URL. It generally works best to use the “Share” link, as mentioned in the copying steps above.

  2. Open the RVDL Reddit Video Downloader website, paste the Reddit video URL, then click “Download.”

  3. A new page loads, displaying a image preview on the right, Subreddit on the left, and the post in the middle along with download options below it. Choose your resolution or download audio only.

  4. The download prompt appears, letting you choose your “Save as” filename, save location, and more. Click on “Save” when done.

  5. Your Reddit video downloads, displaying a progress box. Click the file to launch it and verify that you got what you wanted.


RedditSave is another easy-to-use, high-quality video downloader solution, offering both an HD and SD resolution. This website does not offer various quality options or an audio-only choice, but most people want the video in the best possible resolution and with audio intact. Here’s what to do.

  1. Copy the Reddit video’s URL using the “Share” link or copying from the address bar.

  2. Go to the RedditSave website, paste the copied URL, then click on “Download.”

  3. The new page that loads displays the video’s title, a preview image, the audio status, and presents your download options. Click on “Download HD Video” or “SD Version.”

  4. Choose your download otions, then click on “Save.”

  5. The download progress box appears. Once complete, click on the link to open the video and verify it’s what you wanted.

  6. Your default player loads the video and plays it so you can confirm the results.

As you can see, there are many Reddit video downloaders available. Some also offer apps that perform the same tasks, but they often seem to get shut down. Several downloaders also provide a browser extension, such as RVDL. Despite Reddit not making it easy for you to save videos from their site, it’s not impossible, thanks to sites like those mentioned above.

If you’ve found one that is even better than our top picks, has a more extensive range of options, or is super-fast, why not share it with us in the comments section below?

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