How to Fix a Broken Leg in DayZ

Like all proper hardcore survival games, DayZ doesn’t let the player wander around as if nothing happened after an injury. If you don’t heal on time, you die. With the update 1.10, seven years after the initial game release, players received a new injury type to worry about – bone fractures.

How to Fix a Broken Leg in DayZ

Leg fractures in DayZ (and in real life, for that matter) must be dealt with as soon as possible. In this guide, we’ll help you resolve this issue and stay alive in the rough world of DayZ. Read on to discover how to fix a broken leg in the game.

How to Fix a Broken Leg in DayZ

Taking some morphine and pretending the leg doesn’t hurt isn’t possible in DayZ anymore. Instead, you’ll need to craft a splint. Furthermore, the fracture doesn’t magically disappear when you apply the splint. It slowly heals over time. But enough talking, here’s the instruction to crafting a splint:

  1. Collect four rags or one bandage, and two short sticks.

  2. Open your inventory and equip yourself with two sticks.

  3. Next, drag the rags or a bandage to your hands.

  4. Open the crafting table and scroll through recipes until you find “Splint.”

  5. Press the left mouse button and hold it while you’re crafting the splint. Once done, you’ll see the splint show in the “Vicinity” tab. On an Xbox, press and hold the “B” button. On a PlayStation4, press and hold the circle button.

  6. Apply the splint on your leg.

While crafting a splint helps against fractures, the wound will only heal if you reach the following stats:

  1. 2.600 Water

  2. 4.000 Food

  3. 5.000 Blood

  4. 5.000 Health

Thus, you’ll need to get some good sleep, dinner, and avoid injuries or fights for a while.

How Do Bone Fractures Work in DayZ?

You may wonder why you would care about a bone fracture in DayZ if it doesn’t kill you. All you need to do is avoid new injuries and get good sleep and food. The issue is, getting new injuries is way easier with a broken bone than it is when you’re healthy. Here’s why.

You can’t run with a broken leg, even if the splint is applied. And as you can only walk, it becomes easier for enemies to catch you. Thankfully, you can still drive and climb over obstacles, provided they’re low. That’s your only way to avoid fights.

A morphine injection can only help if you have a leg injury other than a bone fracture. It will increase your health and enable you to run. But it does nothing against the fractures themselves.

Bone fractures only happen when you jump from a certain height. If you jump from a height of up to three meters, you’ll see no HP decrease or injuries. At a height from four to 10 meters, your HP will decrease. The fracture will only occur if you jump from such a height multiple times in a row. But if you jump from a height over 10 meters, the fracture is almost inevitable. Don’t try to jump from over 14 meters, though, as this will likely lead to death.

You can’t suffer a second bone fracture while you’re currently healing from one. However, you also can’t prevent a fracture from occurring by applying a bandage in advance.

Can I Heal a Bone Fracture Without a Splint?

Yes, bone fractures heal by themselves if you reach the necessary stats:

  1. 2.600 Water

  2. 4.000 Food

  3. 5.000 Blood

  4. 5.000 Health

However, it will take about twice as long without a splint. Consequently, you have a much higher chance of dying as you’ll need to avoid new injuries for longer. In DayZ, this isn’t a simple task. On average, healing a leg fracture with a splint takes about 30-40 gameplay minutes. Without a splint, the process can take a solid 70-80 minutes.

Where Do I Take the Materials for a Splint?

We’ve determined that a splint shouldn’t be neglected in the case of a bone fracture. Now, you likely wish to know where to find the materials. It’s obvious that you can acquire sticks by chopping trees or bushes. As for the rags, you’ll need to cut some clothes. Be aware not to freeze to death by sacrificing your last t-shirt, though. Alternatively, you can search for some medical loot spawns for bandages.

Take Care

Fixing a bone fracture in DayZ isn’t much different from doing it in real life, and this realism is why we love the game. Crawl to a safe place, apply a splint, make a fire, and get some yummy food (or any food you can find). Most importantly, avoid physical encounters and don’t jump from inadvisable heights. You wouldn’t do this in real life, right?

What was the most foolish way you got a bone fracture in DayZ? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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