How to Use Split-Screen in Minecraft

Do you remember the good old days when you played console games with your friends on a split-screen? You can now evoke those memories and create some fantastic new ones using Minecraft split-screen. Unfortunately, this option is only available on consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox).

How to Use Split-Screen in Minecraft

Your console or TV screen needs to support at least the 720p resolution. PlayStation Vita doesn’t support split-screen because it is qHD (1/4 of 1080p). WiiU doesn’t support split-screen either because it is only 480p. For qualifying devices, you’ll need to connect them to a TV screen using an HDMI or RGB component cable.

Read on for further information and detailed steps on splitting the screen in Minecraft.

Minecraft Splitscreen Requirements

As briefly mentioned, you’ll need a console and a TV screen with 720p or higher. Also, you need to set the video resolution of your console to match the TV. This process is relatively easy to do; go to your console’s settings and work your way to the display options. PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch usually set the resolution automatically when using HDMI, although previous manual adjustments may cause an issue that requires manual reconfiguration.

You can split the screen in Minecraft locally or online. The local split-screen can accommodate up to four players at a time. If you have a big TV screen, playing with friends or family will be loads of fun. Let’s start with tips for local split-screen, and later, the online split-screen will get explained as well.

How to Split-Screen Locally in Minecraft

Local split-screen refers to playing on a single console, not to be mistaken with LAN (local area network) play. Up to four players can join on any given console. The instructions to play Minecraft in split-screen mode varies slightly for each game console, but the instructions below will cover all of them. Here’s how to set up a ‘local’ split-screen in Minecraft:

  1. Connect the console to the TV with an HDMI or component cable, then launch Minecraft.

  2. Select “Create New” if you want to start fresh, or load a previous world from the game list.

  3. In the “Multiplayer” settings, slide “Multiplayer Game” to the off position.

  4. Set the difficulty and other game options to your liking.

  5. Choose “Create” or “Play” to launch the game.

  6. Use a different controller to activate the second player on the console, then select the correct button(s) to add them to Minecraft. For example, the PS4 uses the “PS” button to activate a user and the “Options” button (pressed twice) to add the second player to Minecraft.

  7. Select the account for the other player (if not done already). XBOX 360 and PS3 use the Minecraft Legacy Console Edition, so you first press “Start” on the second controller to get in the game, then it will prompt the user to log into the console.

How to Split-Screen Online in Minecraft

You can play Minecraft on a split-screen with your friends, even online. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Sign in to your console with your Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account. For XBOX 360 and XBOX One, Silver and local accounts won’t be able to join. PS3 doesn’t require PlayStation Plus, but PS4 does.

  2. For Minecraft Legacy editions, open on your console and choose “Play Game,” then “Load” or “Create.” For Bedrock editions, select “Create New” or select a game on your list.

  3. Adjust your game options to your liking and launch your game. On Bedrock, go to the “Multiplayer” menu and ensure “Multiplayer Game” is turned on before starting the game.

  4. Other “remote” players select your invitation (required) to join your hosted game. Split-screen functionality only works on a per-console basis with up to 4 people, but they play online with others.

Minecraft’s an interesting, fun, and creative game. Like any other game, it’s better when you play with your friends. You can now split the screen and play Minecraft, just like playing those older console games with other players.

PC users might feel left out, which is understandable. If you have a big monitor screen, it’s a shame you can’t split it and do the same thing like on the console. There are third-party screen-splitting tools online that you could look into, but they’re not official.

Minecraft in Split-Screen

Although it’s not available on a lot of devices, there are several that offer the option for Minecraft in split-screen mode. Thankfully, with every update to Minecraft, new features are implemented. It’s only a matter of time before more devices will have this feature.

Please share your thoughts on all things Minecraft below.

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