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The Sims 4 is probably the most addictive version in the entire Sims series. You can create your own virtual World and customize everything, down to the smallest detail. It’s one of the few video games that doesn’t force you to stick with the developer’s ideas but instead allows you to express yourself. You can design outstanding clothing items, mold attractive body types, or even introduce new color palettes to your neighborhood. But all that wouldn’t be possible without lots.

How to Change Lot Type in Sims 4

Although the base version of the game comes with lots dedicated as residential areas, rentals, special venues, and other amenities, you can still customize your World and change lot types to match your preferred design. You could even edit a given lot to introduce something that makes life more comfortable for your Sims.

This article will show you how to go about it.

How to Change the Lot Type in Sims 4 With a Cheat

Like any other video game, The Sims 4 comes with cheat codes that can help you enhance different aspects of your game almost instantly. You can edit buildings and reorganize your home, office, or residential areas to your liking.

The Sims 4 cheats are so good that you can edit lots that traditionally aren’t editable. That includes active dorm buildings such as The Sims 4: Discover University and active career lots like The Sims 4: Get to Work. Since your Sims spend so much time in these lots, it makes sense to make certain tweaks that improve their overall experience and make the game more exciting.

Free Build is one of the most effective cheats Sims 4 enthusiasts use to edit lots of all types. Here’s how to do it:

Part 1: Activating the Cheat

  1. Launch the game and press “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC’s keyboard to open the cheat dialogue box. If you’re using a Mac, press “Command + Shift + C.”

  2. Type “testingcheats true” on your keyboard to make sure that cheats are activated.

  3. Type “bb.enablefreebuild” and then hit “Enter.”

  4. Press “Escape” to close the dialogue box.

Part 2: Editing the Lot

Once you’ve activated the cheat, now it’s time to change the lot type. To do so,

  1. Click on the lot you’d like to change.

  2. Select “Build Mode.’

  3. Click on the “i” in the top left corner.

  4. Click on the lot type and then select its replacement.

That’s it. This should allow you to change lots and introduce the desired element in the chosen location. You can even edit hidden lots such as Sylvan Glades in Willow Creek and Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs.

How to Change the Lot Type in Sims 4 on Special Venues

In the base version of The Sims 4, some lots are special venues that can’t be edited. They include the following:

  • Mt. Komorebi: Onsen

  • San Myshuno: Myshuno Meadows

  • Windenburg: The bluffs, the ruins, and the Von Haunt Estate.

To edit special venues, you need mods or cheats. Zerbu’s Change Venue mod is one of the most reliable mods for this purpose. It also allows you to add modded venues to the selector in Build mode. In addition, it can help you to introduce world-specific venues across all worlds. All you have to do is to download and install it.

To edit special venues using a cheat code, do the following:

  1. Launch the game and then activate the Free Build cheat by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or “Command + Shift + C” on a Mac.

  2. Activate the cheat by entering “bb.enablefreebuild” in the dialogue box and then hit “Enter.”

  3. Press “Escape” to close the dialogue box.

  4. Click on the lot you’d like to change.

  5. Select “Build Mode.’

  6. Click on the “i” in the top left corner.

  7. Click on the lot type and then select its replacement.

How to Change the Lot Type in Sims 4 to a Hospital

A hospital is one facility that shouldn’t miss in your Sims 4 community. Although the base version of the game comes with a hospital lot assignment, you may want to create a customized medical facility that’s probably closer to your home or active career lots.

Cheats present a quick way to change any lot to a hospital. The fans’ favorite – Free Build – can help you create a state-of-the-art facility to act as a one-stop-shop for all your Sims’ medical needs.

 However, your hospital must have at least one unit of the following items to be complete:

  • Treadmill

  • Chemical Analyzer

  • Surgery Table

  • Doctor’s Examination Bed

  • X-Ray Machine

You’ll also need the following:

  • Snack Vending Machine

  • Extra computers (to be positioned away from the front desk)

  • Toilet

  • Sink

  • Counter

  • Microwave

You can also edit the hospital in the base version of the game with the help of a mod.

How to Change the Lot Type in Sims 4 to a Rental

Rental property can be the ultimate source of comfort for players and their Sims. For example, you can convert lots into rentals and then rent them out as holiday destinations that will attract Sims from across your world. From visiting your childhood folks in Windenberg to spending a weekend in Newcrest, your Sims can enjoy the perfect vacation.

Here’s how to change a lot to a Rental in The Sims 4:

  1. Open “Manage Worlds” and then select the world you’d like to host the rental property.

  2. Click on the lot you’d like to change.

  3. Select “Buy/Build Mode.”

  4. Click on the house icon in the top left corner. This will open the Venue Info panel, where you’ll be able to specify the type of property you want to craft.

  5. Scroll down the Lot Type menu and then select “Rental.” This will instantly convert the lot to a rental property.

Additional FAQs

What Can You Do With Special Lots in Sims 4?

· The Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg excels as a weekend getaway for players with an interest in history and ancient attractions. It’s littered with distinguishable landmarks such as its nicely pruned hedge and a museum. It can also be the perfect destination for players keen to encounter celestial beings. This is all thanks to the former inhabitants – Lord and Lady – who died over 100 years ago but occasionally appear to entertain visitors.

· The Bluffs can be the perfect island for players who want to treat their Sims to an unforgettable holiday experience away from the hustle and bustle of residential and commercial areas. It’s famous for its vibrant bonfire that attracts dancers from across the world. A visit also presents an opportunity to enjoy sightings of the elusive and mysterious Sea Monster.

· The Ancient Ruins can be perfect for thrilling nightlife. The lot’s massive walls provide the perfect backdrop for theatrical lamps and stage lights. You could build a bar or restaurant where your Sims can cozy up as they enjoy their favorite drinks.

· Myshuno Meadows can host weddings thanks to a beautiful wedding arc and a piano. There’s also a fishing spot, and so you could introduce a restaurant where Sims can enjoy fish alongside other delicacies.

· The Onsen Bathhouse would be perfect for players with an interest in Japanese architecture. The lot is heavily steeped in Japanese culture.

Can You Change the Lot Size in Sims 4?

No, you can’t. The lot size is fixed. To craft bigger buildings, you need to find bigger lots.

Let Your Sims See the World Through Your Eyes

The Sims 4 is a game about creativity. It wasn’t meant to be a complete package that has little room for imagination. You can create your own unique lots, environments, and social utilities to share with other players from around the world. It allows you to unleash your architectural skills like no other. Nothing should stop you from making your own tweaks to lots and let your Sims experience a near-perfect life.

Are you a Sims 4 nerd? Have you tried changing lot types in your world? Let us know in the comments section below.

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